SEE THE UNIFORM BUILDER IN ACTION Watch Rozy B. Hind, formerly of the TXRD Holy Rollers, use the uniform builder for the first time to build her own custom roller derby uniform in a matter of minutes.


Here she receives the email that shows exactly how her jersey will look for the first time:



And then gets her jersey:


What do real Frogmouth customers think? Here's Calista Blockheart of Enid Roller Girls talking about her team's experience. She's not paid, or sponsored, or scripted:
HOW DOES THIS WORK? Use our roller derby uniform builder to begin the design process for your custom team uniform online, including adding your own logos and specifying what styles of shirts, shorts, and accessories you want your team to be able to choose. You can also order sizing samples if you want, so your team can try on jerseys before ordering their own. After you order, one of our Customer Happiness team members will reach out to you to further customize your team's design to your specifications.  Once a design is approved, we will build a unique web page developed especially for your team, and hosted here at  There, every skater on your team will be able to order—and personalize—their own matching uniforms. There are no set-up fees, no minimum orders, and no obligations, and if anyone doesn't love what they get, we will do everything we can to make it right, including offering free replacements or full refunds. Create your own custom roller derby uniform in 8 steps here. Got questions? Check the FAQ below, say hi using our online chat in the bottom right corner of the screen, or send us an email here
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET STARTED? Your first jersey costs the same as all subsequent jerseys: $50 (for single sided) or $70 (for reversible). We ship by USPS Priority Mail in the US, and offer fast, low cost shipping to the rest of the world, with taxes and duty prepaid (so it goes straight to your door and doesn't get stuck in customs.) There are no minimum orders, no setup fees, and no obligations. Once you approve your design, we will create a unique web page where other skaters on your team can order their jerseys for $50 or $70, too. If you want, we can also add matching shorts, pants, helmet covers, armbands and other accessories too, for those who want them.

ONCE I HAVE DESIGNED MY JERSEY, HOW DOES MY TEAM ORDER? Individually, unless you want to do it differently. Each skater can go to the special web page we will create for your team uniform, and order their jersey, as well as any accessories they want, like shorts or armbands. This saves you having to gather up everyone's sizes and money and sending in one big order; it also saves you having to distribute jerseys once they arrive, or deal with problems like things needing to be returned. We can work with each skater on your team individually.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR MY FIRST JERSEY TO ARRIVE? We try to work to deadlines, not lead times. Let us know when your first bout is, and we will let you know if we can meet your timings. Our production capacity for January, February, March, April, and May gets booked especially quickly, so if you need uniforms in those months, let us know as soon as you possibly can. Otherwise, allow at least a few months from when you first order or contact us to when you need your jerseys. .

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR MY TEAM'S JERSEYS TO ARRIVE? Again, we work to bout deadlines as much as possible. Tell us when you need your jerseys, and we'll let you know if we can make it. Again, January through May are our busiest times. If you need uniforms then, the earlier you can let us know, the better.

DO YOU ADD NUMBERS AND NAMES? IS THAT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? Yes, we add names and numbers as part of the $50. Skaters just enter their information when they order. 

ARE THE NUMBERS WFTDA-COMPLIANT? Yes. As of December 2015, WFTDA-sanctioned bouts require numbers that are at least 6 inches high. Our numbers are more than 6 inches high. WFTDA also has regulations about letters used with numbers, and numbers on sleeves and armbands; we meet those too.

WHAT SIZES DO YOU MAKE? All our products are available from 3XS to 6XL, and jerseys come in 3 lengths: Petite, Regular, and Long. All sizes are the same price: $50 or $70 (Depending on f you order single sided or reversible). You can see our size guide here.

CAN WE GET SAMPLE SIZES TO TRY ON AND RETURN? Yes, you can order these straight from the uniform builder. (We don't supply size samples unless you have ordered a design sample, as the design sample is usually the thing that takes the longest.) There is a $30 deposit for each size sample, which we refund in full when they are returned within 30 days. They are high neck, full back, regular length tanks, marked to show where the low neck, skaterback, and short length options as well. Straight cut size samples are also available. Size samplers also help you get the right size even If you are ordering a skater tee, extra long, or skate dress. They look cute, too:

Roller Derby Uniforms From XS to 6XL For One Price / Frogmouth SIze Samples

CAN I ADD MY TEAM, LEAGUE, OR SPONSOR'S LOGO TO MY JERSEY? Yes, you can do this from the uniform builder. Up to two logos can be added to the front of the shirt, one in the center, and one on the left breast. Or, if you prefer, we can simply print the name of your team and / or league.

WHAT ARE THE JERSEYS MADE OF? All our uniforms are made of Nanoweave™, which is our own custom blend of polyester and Spandex (also known as "Lycra" or "Elastane," depending on where you are from). We developed Nanoweave especially for roller derby: it uses much smaller fibers than other stretch fabrics, and so has a much finer weave, which means velcro hooks cannot attach to it. This prevents Nanoweave from sticking to the velcro on elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads, and eliminates almost all the piling that is common on other roller derby uniforms. Nanoweave also looks and feels great, is antimicrobial to reduce stank, and features wicking to help you stay dry. Nanoweave is only available from Frogmouth.

WHAT ABOUT SKATERS WHO JOIN OUR ROSTER MID-SEASON? Any skater can order any uniform item at anytime. Order more jerseys or accessories whenever you want.

WHAT STYLE OF JERSEY IS IT? We make jerseys in two cuts: curve cut, often preferred by cis women, and straight cut, often preferred by cis men. There are five styles of curve cut jersey to chose from: high neck full back tank, high neck Skaterback™ tank (which is a racerback, redesigned for roller derby), low neck full back tank, low neck Skaterback tank, and skater tee. There are two styles of straight cut: with short sleeves, and sleeveless. We also offer skate dresses and crop tops. You can pick one style and make your whole team wear it, or make some or all of these styles available for your skaters to choose from, depending on their preference.

ARE THESE "SUBLIMATED" UNIFORMS? HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM? Almost everything we make is dyed using a process called "dye-sublimation," sometimes known as "sublimation," which means we print your jersey design onto heat resistant transfer paper using a special large format inkjet printer and dyes designed for textiles, then use an industrial heat press to transfer the dye into white fabric. The ink diffuses into the polyester threads in the fabric, where it stays permanently. This gives a deep, vibrant color that won't wash out, peel off, or scratch up. The only colors on our uniforms that aren't dyed using dye sublimation are white and any large solid black areas on our black pants and hoodies, which are dyed by our fabric manufacturer. Once we have dyed the fabric, we cut and sew it to make your uniform. Our fabric is made especially for us, to our specifications. We do everything else ourselves, from design to manufacture, in Austin, Texas. (And if you want to know something really geeky that could win you a tie-breaker on trivia night, dye-sublimation isn't actually sublimation at all, because the dye passes from solid to liquid to gas when it enters the fabric. It should really be called "dye-diffusion.")  

CAN YOU ADD A WFTDA PATCH TO THE FRONT OF THE JERSEY? Yes, there are several ways to add a WFTDA patch to the jersey. If you want to add it yourself, we recommend sewing rather than ironing, as the heat from an iron may affect the dyes in the fabric. If you want, we can add faint guidelines to your uniform so every skater sews their patch in the same place. Just add a note to your order, or email us to let us know you would like guidelines, and we'll be in touch. Alternatively, we can add your WFTDA patches for you, for an additional $5 per garment. This may be more convenient, and all your patches will be sewn on professionally. You must be a WFTDA-member to have patches added, and you must supply the patches to us. This is an especially good option for international leagues: you can order your patches directly from WFTDA, use our address as the shipping address, and eliminate international shipping costs, and eliminate taxes and import duties for the patches, as they will enter your country affixed to your jerseys. We cannot dye a WFTDA patch onto your jersey as a WFTDA doesn't allow that yet. If your league is a member of MRDA or JRDA, we can dye those patches on for you.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE MY SAMPLE JERSEY? We'll make it right, and, if we can't, we'll give you a full refund. That goes for all our products. If you don't love a Frogmouth product, for any reason, at any time, just let us know and we'll nearly always fix it or get you your money back. No catches, no bullshit.

DO YOU MAKE MEN'S ROLLER DERBY UNIFORMS? Yes, we recommend straight cut jerseys for cis men, and you can order them via the uniform builder. The image you use for your color choices, will be of a low neck racerback tank, but just select from the straight cut jersey options when you order.

THIS ALL SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. WHAT'S THE CATCH? There really isn't one. We specialize in roller derby, buy our fabric in bulk, and do our designing, dyeing, cutting, and sewing ourselves in Austin, Texas. That means we can make your product to order very quickly, without waiting for intermediaries, and without distractions from other sports or businesses.

ARE YOU DERBY OWNED AND OPERATED? Yes, our founder and CEO is Laura Rigby, who skates as Elle B. Bach with the Texas Rollergirls' Texecutioners. Before that, she skated with Texas Roller Derby.  Our Customer Happiness Department is run by Kris Rago, who skates with Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners and Team Japan, and includes Nicole Negrete, who skates as Shake 'n Bake for the Windy City Rollers' All Stars, and also skates for Team Japan; and Tamsin Young, who skated as T-Slam for Victorian Roller Derby League. Our production team includes three skaters, and our designer is a former skater. All but one of our employees play competitive roller derby. Because we do everything from design, to dyeing, cutting, and sewing ourselves, Frogmouth products are not just made by a skater-owned company: they are made by skaters

I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING COMPLICATED Need to recreate an existing uniform, or have an especially complex design in mind? No problem. Send us an email, or say hi via our online chat, or just place an order via the uniform builder and we'll figure it out with you.

WHERE CAN I SEE UNIFORMS YOU HAVE MADE FOR OTHER TEAMS?  See the Instagram hashtag #frogmouthclothing, or just click here.

I HAVE A QUESTION THAT'S NOT ANSWERED HERE. Please say hi via our online chat in the bottom right of the screen, or email us via our contact form. We'd love to hear from you, and will reply quickly.