I've never shopped online before. Is it safe?
Yes! We use encryption and other technology to keep your information safe, and all the payments processing is handled by major credit card processors who do this stuff securely tens of millions of times each day.
How do I pay?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, ShopPay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay.
How do I use a discount code?
Got a discount code? Lucky you. Just enter the code in the discount box at the checkout, and click “apply."
What is your returns policy?

We want you to love all your Frogmouth products. If you don't love a particular product, please send an email to customerhappiness@frogmouthclothing.com within two weeks of receiving your order, including your order number, and tell us what you don't love. We will help if we can. (We do not have unlimited resources, though: we will make reasonable exceptions are for things like normal wear and tear; people who order a different product to their previous product and being surprised that it is different; people who request repeat exchanges; people who misuse discount codes; and people who request exchanges despite not having returned previous products they wished to exchange.)

How long will it take to get my stuff?
We know waiting sucks. Almost all items are custom made and typically ship within four to eight weeks, unless your team has arranged a specific deadline, but things may take longer at the moment due to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions and supply chain disruptions. You will get an email as soon as your order ships, or you can see your order has shipped here. If you're starting a new uniform design, the lead time depends on the time of year. January through May are especially busy times, so if you need uniforms during those months, let us know as early possible, and keep in mind that if you contact us during those months, we may sometimes be a little slower than usual to get back to you. Most of the rest of the time, you should hear from us within a day or two although, again, things are slower than normal because of COVID-19. Still got questions about the status of your order? Just send us an email or contact us through online chat.

Where's my stuff?
Click here to see if your order has shipped yet. You'll need your order number and the email address you used when you ordered. Need more information? Just send us a message.

Where can I buy your stuff in real life?
Frogmouth is only available from our online store, with the exception of a select few roller derby conventions, such as Rollercon
Where are your products designed and made?
Everything is designed and made in Austin, Texas, USA. Raw materials, such as dyes, fabrics, woven labels and threads come from all over the world.

I don't live in the U.S.! Can you ship to me? Is it expensive? Slow? What about import fees?
Yes, we ship worldwide, quickly and cheaply and direct to your door. We automatically calculate import duty and taxes, charge you for them when you order, and make sure your delivery comes straight to your door, without you having to go stand in line some place and pay fees and penalties so you can get your package. Or, if it's close to July, and you are going to Rollercon, you can select the "Pickup at Rollercon" delivery option, and not pay shipping at all!

I don't live in the U.S.! Why I am being charged all these duties and taxes at checkout?!?
The duties and taxes we charge on international orders at checkout are the taxes and duties charged by the government of the shipment's destination country. If you are shipping to Australia, you will be charged Australian taxes and duties, if you are shipping to Canada, you will be charged Canadian taxes and duties, and so on. If we don't charge these when you checkout, you will simply have to pay them, plus penalties in some cases, when your shipment enters the country. This will probably cost you more money and delay the arrival of your shipment. (There is no way around paying taxes and duties on imports, unless you have a pirate ship and plan to sneak ashore with your booty in the dead of night, and don't mind being arrested for smuggling when you get caught, which we do not recommend.) Most governments' border enforcement agencies have websites explaining their tax and duty policies, if you want to know more about how your country's taxes and duties are calculated.

I do live in the U.S.! How much to ship to me? And how long does it take?
You can choose to ship via UPS or via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days from when we ship to get to most places. If you have a particular date when you need your shipment, please add a note to your order. If you are a member of the US military and need to ship to an APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) address, we can do that too, but Priority Mail may not be available. If it's close to July, and you are going to Rollercon, you can also select the "Pickup at Rollercon" delivery option, and not pay shipping at all!

Sizing! What size do I get? I'm normally a.... but sometimes I'm a.... and once I was a..... 

All of our tops and bottoms are available in sizes 3XS-6XL, in two different cuts: curve cut (form fitting between the chest and waist) and straight cut (looser fit between the chest and waist). You can also customize the length, neckline, and back style. You can see our size guide here, which shows you our sizes in inches and centimeters. Our Derby Cut™ takes into account the real shape of real athletes, and our Nanoweave™ fabric stretches without becoming sheer. If you’re unsure of which size to get, contact us and we can provide guidance! In the event that you get something from us, try it on, and don't absolutely love the fit, just let us know. We will send you a return label so you can send it back for a different size or a refund, even if it's a custom item.  

Can you make custom uniforms for my team?
Yes! We would LOVE to make your team's uniforms. Go here to learn more. 
Can you add my name or number to a product?
Yes, we can add names and numbers to custom uniforms (see above) and scrimmage tops. We don't customize our other products. They can be customized after you get them using methods that don't require heat pressing, such as embroidery and sewing on patches, but techniques that need heat, like dye sublimation, vinyl cut, and screen printing will lift out the dyes, and so must be avoided. 

How will my name appear?
Names are printed underneath numbers, because officials need to be able to see your number clearly If you enter your name in all capital letters when you order, it will appear in all uppercase (capital) letters on your jersey. If you enter your name in a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, your name will be printed in "Small caps" mean the uppercase letters will be large capital letters, and the lowercase letters will be in smaller capital letters. For clarity and also technical reasons, we do not print lower case letters in names. Also, your name may not be clearly visible at all times when you skate: the curve of your body may sometimes cause the fabric of your jersey to crease in ways that make the name hard to read. This is normal (humans have curves!) and also why the number has to go above the name, as that is what officials need to be able to see, and officials are the reason your number is on your jersey in the first place.

Can I change or cancel my order?
Oh no! Move fast, we may already be shipping it. Email info@frogmouthclothing.com and we'll help as much as we can.
Can I add something to an order I already placed?
We wish that were possible, but sadly, no. Our website has no way to do that.. You have to place another order. Sorry.
Do you make clothes for juniors, or men?
Yes! We love junior derby, and men's derby. Just order here or send an email to info@frogmouthclothing.com.
Are you derby-owned and operated?
Yes, our co-founder and Chief Product Officer is Laura Rigby, who skated for the Texas Rollergirls and Texas Roller Derby.  Our production team includes current or former skaters, and our designers are also former skaters. Because we do everything from design, to dyeing, cutting, and sewing ourselves, Frogmouth products are not just made by a skater-owned company: they are made by skaters

How do I tag and post my photos so they appear on your web site? 
We'll see any photos of you in your Frogmouth gear if you tag them with #frogmouthclothing on Instagram, or post them on our Facebook page, or tag @frogmouthinc, and then we may regram them or ask you for your permission to include them on the site.

I have a question that's not answered here. How do I contact you? 
Just click the contact link at the bottom this page and use the form to send us an email, or email customerhappiness@frogmouthclothing.com. Someone from our Department of Customer Happiness will get back to you as soon as possible.