Frogmouth empowers you to create a jersey that reflects your unique style. Looking like one team means wearing the same color, not the same thing! We offer each skater a wide choice of styles to suit their bodies and preferences. When placing your order, you'll be able to personalize every detail including cut, style, neckline, back, length, name, number, and pronouns. 

Jerseys are made from our high-quality Nanoweave™ fabric. This fabric is specifically engineered to be Velcro-repellent, anti-microbial, and moisture-wicking, ensuring optimum performance and comfort. Nanoweave is specifically for roller derby, and it's only available from Frogmouth.  

Straight Cut vs Curve Cut 

Jerseys and scrimmage tops are available in two distinct styles: CURVE CUT and STRAIGHT CUT.

  • CURVE CUT:  This jersey is designed to enhance the curves of your body, with a pinched waist for a flattering silhouette, and the seams placed in front of the side stripes. This jersey is longer in the back to give you full coverage when in derby stance. It is modeled after traditional female sizing. 

  • STRAIGHT CUT: This jersey has no curve for a looser, more relaxed fit, with seams placed in the middle of the side stripes. It is the same length in the back and front. It is modeled after traditional unisex/male sizing. 


Customized for YOU by YOU

Now that you've picked your jersey cut, let's start customizing the NECKLINE, BACK, LENGTH, and SLEEVES.

NECKLINE: Choose either a low or high neckline.

BACK: Choose either a "skaterback" or full back. T-shirts are only available in full back.

LENGTH: Choose from 4 different lengths for the perfect fit. What to try on IRL? Your team can order a set of sizers!

  • CROP: Every body is a crop top body! Crops fall 11 inches down from the armpit. Please be aware graphics from the bottom of the jersey will be cut off.

  • PETITE: This jersey is 2" shorter than the regular length. Ordered by those with a shorter torso. Please be aware some graphics from the bottom of the jersey may get cut off.

  • REGULAR: Our most popular length.

  • LONG: This jersey is 2" longer than regular length. Ordered by those with a longer torso.

SLEEVES: T-shirts and dresses will automatically have your skater number on the sleeves. Straight cut jerseys have longer, less fitted sleeves.





Our size guide provides measurements of the garment when laid flat. You can expect our fabric to stretch up to 2 inches comfortably.

For accurate results, we recommend comparing the measurements of our garments to a similar item—ideally one that has stretch fabric—that fits you well. Due to the production process we accept a margin of difference up to .75 inches/1.9 centimeters from the measurements listed below. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in determining the right fit, we’re here to help. Email us at 

Want the chance for your team to try on our jerseys? We recommend ordering sizers - more info here. 




Our pants are made with stretchy fabric for curvy bodies. 


Hoodies are designed with our curve cut pattern as their foundation, although they feature dropped armholes, eliminating the curved shape of the garment. If you prefer a straight cut jersey, we recommend sizing up when selecting a hoodie.

Our regular length hoodies have a convenient kangaroo pocket that doubles as storage and a cozy hand-warming compartment. You also have the option to request a crop hoodie, which typically falls just above the navel (please note that the exact length may vary depending on your torso measurements) and does not include a pocket.

For those seeking added warmth, you can choose to upgrade to a fleece-lined hoodie. Fleece-lined items do not use Nanoweave™ and are not Velcro-repellent and therefore not suitable for wear during contact practice or gameplay.



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