A Wordy FM Status Update: What have we even been doing for 4 weeks?

Hi y’all,

We are prioritizing being the kind of company you like supporting with your business, so we’re writing to update you on how things have been going since we last emailed you about changes we were making. We think it’s important for us to update y’all on where we’re at to stay accountable to both you and ourselves. 

In our last email we sent out, we introduced our new leadership and the priorities each one of those people would be focused on. Here’s a list of our priorities and some updates:

Getting the backlog of communications caught up and regaining the trust of our customers with transparency.

  • We’re working as quickly as possible to respond to your emails and messages, and since April 1st we’ve reduced our communications backlog significantly.
  • We've reduced our new and unanswered messages backlog by 70% and are caught up on New inquiries sent through late-February; if you haven't had an initial response from us yet, you should get one in the next week or two.
  • We are prioritizing emails that have been waiting and have been replying to DMs and comments as we have time, but if you have a concern or want to contact us, email is the best way for us to track your communication and ensure it gets taken care of.
  • For the time being, we have minimally been monitoring comments/messages to our social media accounts. If you have questions, please email us at info@frogmouthclothing.com so that we can ensure folks are taken care of in order of who has been waiting the longest, regardless of team affiliation/type of order/etc. 

Getting the production line up to speed on orders.

  • We’re shipping orders every day, doing our best to hit pre-existing team deadlines that we had scheduled production time for, and plugging through the backlog of your missed deadline orders as fast as possible. We’re adding production staff as possible to increase how many orders we can ship to you each day.
  • Kris and Laura are working together to plan out bulk shipments of game essential items as much as possible, while clearing out the oldest of our backlogged items.
  • An immediate action we took is that we have removed all non-game day essential items from our stores. While our production team is small, we want to focus on the things our customers need urgently and also the things we are best at and known for - our jerseys, helmet covers, and armbands. As we responsibly re-grow our production team, we will add these items back into production.
Restructuring our internal operations and regaining the trust of our employees with increased transparency.
  • We’re communicating with current and former employees candidly about our operational challenges and updates as we have them.
  • We are working through streamlining our internal operations and processes by having open dialogue with our team members about what needs to be changed urgently. We have been diving into process inefficiencies, taking action on some immediately, and looking into solutions for those that are larger projects.
  • While going through our backlogged messages, Kris is noting trends and areas that we have the most opportunities to improve to keep the community we serve happy - such as minimizing our exchanges by ensuring our size charts/fits are accurate and easy to use, and updating some of our patterns/sizing for better fits. Kris, Laura, and our in-house production manager are discussing these weekly  to plan out these projects.

Here are some things you may still be wondering:

  • Why did y’all send out that email at the beginning of March?
    • We had originally included a note about our Save Frogmouth email in our last email and it was mistakenly not included (Kris here - a genuine missed copy and paste error into the final draft document). This is what was meant to be included:
      • An email was sent out on March 2nd without consent of our full staff and it was not appropriate. We are truly sorry both to recipients and our staff for this. For anyone that did contribute funds, we will of course honor the $15 discount promised and will be issuing these discount codes shortly, which will then be activated and available for use immediately.
      • As an update, all stickers have been mailed and discount codes sent to be honored at any time.
  • Why are we still taking orders or promoting sales when we have old orders we need to make?
    • We are aiming to get caught up on our backlog, but due to a lot of cancellations that we are getting caught up on messages about, we do need to continue making money to pay our staff and expenses, while also having future orders for our staff to produce. 
    • The two folks responding to your messages or posting to our social media are not the best people to be sewing your orders, we promise.

Here are some fun items we have on hand that will be mailed out within two business days from when your order is placed. They will also come with a $10 discount code to use on any future purchases with us:

  • We have redesigned a fan favorite - Our Derby Love design - and turned it into a glitter sticker. We have these in house and ready to ship and sparkle your helmet or water bottle with. These will ship within 2 days of your order and will also come with $10 discount code that can be used on your next order. Order Your Derby Love Sticker Here
  • Our Poster Bundle is $20 and available until they are gone to make room for future fun things. This bundle will also come with a $10 discount code.
We are working to fix our systems, both big and small, as quickly as possible. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Derby Love,
Kris Rago
CEO, Frogmouth Clothing

April 26, 2024 by Kris Rago

NEW: Dyed WFTDA Member Patches and Certified Officials Patches


Austin, Texas, November 17, 2023: Frogmouth and the WFTDA have partnered to enable WFTDA-Certified Officials and WFTDA Member Leagues to order their jerseys with WFTDA patches and Certified Official patches dyed onto them. Dyed patches eliminate the need to buy patches by mail order, pay shipping and customs fees, then hand sew patches onto jerseys; they are also more comfortable when worn on reversible jerseys, and dry more quickly when washed, among other benefits. Frogmouth jerseys with dyed patches are available to order immediately. If you would like to order a uniform with a logo dyed onto it, and your team already wears a Frogmouth uniform, just go to your team's web store and click the appropriate link below. If you would like an officials' jersey with one or both patches on it, click here. Each patch adds $5 to the cost of the jersey, and 100% of that money goes to the WFTDA. If your team would like to start wearing Frogmouth jerseys with dyed WFTDA patches, click here, fill out our five-minute form, and we will start working on your uniforms right away. If you are a WFTDA member league that already wears Frogmouth uniforms and your team is not listed here, please email us here and ask us to add the patch option to your jerseys.


2x4 Roller Derby Travel Team

Acadiana Roller Derby

Akron Roller Derby

Albany All Stars Roller Derby

Ann Arbor Roller Derby

Arch Rival Roller Derby All Stars

Arizona Roller Derby

Assassination City Roller Derby Conspiracy

Aurora 88s Roller Derby

Barbed Wire Betties

Bay Area Derby All Stars

Bay State Brawlers Punishers and Vigilantes

Beach Cities Roller Derby

Bellingham Roller Betties All Stars

Big Easy Rollergirls All Stars

BisMan Roller Derby Bombshellz

Black Rose Rollers

Black N Bluegrass Roller Girls

Blue Ridge Roller Derby

Boom Town Derby Dames

Boston Roller Derby All Stars

Boulder County Roller Derby

Bradentucky Bombers Roller Derby

Brandywine Roller Derby

Brighton Roller Derby Brighton Rockers

Brisbane City Rollers A Team

Bristol Roller Derby

Burning River Roller Derby

Buxmont Roller Derby Dolls Sirens

Canberra Roller Derby League Vice City Rollers

Cape Girardeau Roller Derby

Capital City Crushers

Carolina Roller Derby

Cedar Rapids Rollergirls

Central Coast Roller Derby

Central New York Roller Derby

Charlotte Roller Derby

Chattanooga Roller Girls

Chemical Valley Roller Derby

Cherry City Roller Derby

Chippewa Valley Roller Derby

Circle City Derby Girls

Classic City Rollergirls

Coeur d'Alene Roller Derby

Columbia Roller Derby

COMO Roller Derby

Connecticut All Stars

Convict City Rollers

CornFed Roller Derby

Crime City Rollers

Crossroads City Derby Sucias

Dallas Derby Devils

DC Rollergirls

Denver Roller Derby

Des Moines Roller Derby

Detroit Roller Derby Travel Team

Diamond State Roller Derby

Dirty Jersey Roller Derby

Dockyard Derby Dames Travel Team

Dominion Derby Girls Dominion Derby AllStars

Druid City Derby

Dublin Roller Derby

Dunedin Derby Gallow Lasses

Durango Roller Girls

Durham Region Roller Derby Atom Smashers

Dutchland Rollers

East Vic Roller Derby Witches of East Vic

El Paso Roller Derby Pistol WhipHers

El Paso Roller Derby TexPistols

Elevated Roller Derby

Emerald City Roller Derby

Erie Roller Derby

Faultline Derby Devilz

Fayetteville Roller Derby

Flint Roller Derby

FOCO Roller Derby Micro Bruisers

Fox Cities Roller Derby

Fredericksburg Roller Derby

FSRD Black Eyed Suzies

FSRD Rock Villains

Gainesville Roller Rebels All Stars

Garden Island Renegade Rollerz

Garden State Roller Derby

Gem City Roller Derby

Glasgow Roller Derby Travel Teams

Glass City Rollers

Gold Coast Derby Grrls

Golden City Rollers

Gorge Roller Girls

Gotham Roller Derby

Green Mountain Roller Derby

Greenville Roller Derby

Hammer City Roller Derby

Harbour City Rollers

Hard Knox Roller Derby

Harrisburg Area Roller Derby

Hartford Area Roller Derby

Hellions of Troy

Helsinki Roller Derby

High Altitude Roller Derby

Houston United Roller Derby

Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby

Hulls Angels Roller Derby

Humboldt Roller Derby

Hurricane Alley Roller Derby

ICT Roller Derby

IE Derby Divas Travel Team

Ithaca League of Women Rollers SufferJets

Jackson Hole Juggernauts

Jacksonville Roller Derby

Jersey Shore Roller Derby

Jet City Roller Derby Bombers

Junction City Roller Dolls Trainwrecks


Kalamazoo Roller Derby

Kansas City Roller Warriors

Lafayette Roller Derby

Lava City Roller Dolls Smokin Ashes

Lehigh Valley Roller Derby All Stars

Lilac City Roller Derby Sass

Little City Roller Derby

Liverpool Roller Birds

London Rockin' Rollers

Long Island Roller Rebels

Los Alamos Derby Dames

Louisville Roller Derby

Lowcountry Highrollers

Mass Attack Roller Derby All Stars

Medcity Roller Derby

Memphis Roller Derby

Mid State Roller Derby

Milwaukee Roller Derby Brewcity Bruisers

Minnesota Roller Derby All Stars

Molly Rogers Rollergirls

Montreal Roller Derby New Skids on the Block

Mother State Roller Derby

Munich Rolling Rebels

Naptown Roller Derby

Natural State Roller Derby

Naughty Pines Derby Dames

New Hampshire Roller Derby

No Coast Derby Girls Travel Team

Nor Cal Roller Girls

Norfolk Roller Derby The Norfolk Brawds

North Star Roller Derby Travel Team

North Texas Roller Derby

NOVA Roller Derby

Old Capitol City Roller Derby

Omaha Roller Derby

Orlando Roller Derby Ozone Slayers

Ottawa Valley Roller Derby

Pacific Roller Derby Hulagans

Panhandle United

Peach State Roller Derby

Peninsula Roller Derby Slam Andreas

Penn Jersey Roller Derby She Devils

Philly Roller Derby

Port Scandalous Roller Derby

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Rage City Roller Derby Rage City All Stars

Rat City Roller Derby All Stars

Reading Roller Derby

Red Stick Roller Derby All Stars

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RGV Bandidas

Richland County Regulators

River City Roller Derby

Rock Town Roller Derby

Rockin City Roller Derby Greatest Hits

Rocktown Rollers

Rodeo City Roller Derby

Roe City Rollers Travel Teams

Roller Derby Karlsruhe

Roller Derby Metz Club

Roller Derby Quebec Les Duchesses

Roughneck Roller Derby Elite

Royal City Roller Derby

Royal Windsor Roller Derby

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Salt City Roller Derby

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State College Roller Derby

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Storm City Roller Derby

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Sydney Roller Derby Travel Team

Tallahassee Roller Derby

Tampa Roller Derby

Terrorz Roller Derby

Texas Rollergirls Travel Teams

Tokyo Roller Derby

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Traverse City Roller Derby

Treasure Valley Roller Derby

Tri City Roller Derby Thunder

Tucson Saddletramps

Twin City Roller Derby

Twin State Derby

V Town Roller Derby

Ventura County Derby Darlins

Vienna Roller Derby

Wasatch Roller Derby

West Coast Derby Knockouts

Western Australian Roller Derby League Wards of the Skate

Whakatane Roller Derby League

Whidbey Island Roller Girls

Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals

Windy City Rollers

Wine Town Rollers

Yellow Rose Derby Girls Allstars

November 16, 2023 by Frogmouth Developer




Action shot from the Roller Derby World Cup final in 2018



OCTOBER, 2023: Bad news, good news. Average prices in the US have risen by 8 percent in the last two years. On January 1, 2024, we will have to increase our prices to keep up with our growing costs. You can see our new prices below. Most of our items are increasing in price by $5, except bandanas, which are increasing by $2, and helmet covers and armbands, which are staying at the same price. That's the bad news. Now the good news: to help reduce the impact, you can get $5 off our current prices with the discount code GEARUP2024 throughout October—that's a savings of $10 per item on most 2024 prices. If you want to use this to buy team uniform items, just visit your team's online store, or use the search function in the top left of this page and type in your team name + "uniform" to start shopping. If your team needs a whole new uniform, and you let us know right away, we can schedule your orders for December so you can buy things before the price increase takes effect. Please feel free to share this news and the discount code with your league mates.




2022 Price

2024 Price

Uniform Jersey



Reversible Uniform Jersey



Scrimmage Jersey



Helmet Cover






Sleeveless Hoodie



Jacket Sleeveless



with sleeves















Pet Jersey



Skate Socks*




 *Skate Socks launched after this post was first published on October 4, 2023. The price increase for this product was added in January, 2024



October 04, 2023 by Regina Lampert