World Map of Roller Derby Leagues: Poster

$ 20.00

The 26" x 39" full color poster of our World Map of Roller Derby Leagues:

  • Features nearly two thousand roller derby leagues--all leagues currently in existence--along with rulesets played by each
  • Includes additional data, such as top 10 lists for countries and US states with the highest total number of leagues
  • Shows where roller derby is most popular by listing which countries and US states have the most leagues per person
  • Highlights the ever-expanding, worldwide reach of roller derby while celebrating its diversity
  • Every time you look you notice something new
  • Perfect for home, work, or where you and your team skate
  • Looks great framed or unframed
  • An amazing gift for the roller derby obsessed
  • Printed on 80lb glossy paper

Ships same day anywhere in the world. Add a world map tank (or any other item of clothing) to get free U.S. shipping or $10 international shipping.

Includes league names with profanity or other references that some may find offensive.