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TXRD Putas Del Fuego: Uniform Shorts, Pants & Leggings

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Texas Roller Derby Putas Del Fuego 2016 Season Uniform shorts, pants and leggings. 

  • Derby Cut™—styled and sized to make your powerful skater butt and thighs look amazing
  • Nanoweave™ fabric repels velcro to reduce pilling and sticking to other players
  • No inseam—reduces chafing and chub rub during crossovers
  • High waistband to give full coverage and reduce muffin top
  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • Mouthguard pocket to keep your mouthguard clean and cootie free when not in your mouth
  • Antimicrobial to fight off stank
  • Wicking to help you stay cooler and drier when you skate
  • Capris have knee areas made of breathable mesh to reduce sweat and stop kneepads slipping and can be ordered with thin, flexible, removable KneeShields™ to supplement your knee pads. KneeShields:
    • Ensure knee pads fit snugly, eliminating the need for gaskets
    • XRD® advanced foam technology provides high power impact protection
    • KneeShields™ are easily removed after use without taking off pants

Available in four styles:

  • Booty shorts—come to the top of the thigh
  • Cycle shorts—come to a few inches above the knee
  • Capri pants—come to a few inches above the ankle
  • Compression leggings—ankle length, support your leg muscles from glute to calf

And four colorways:

  • Black with burning flame accent
  • Burning flame with black accent
  • Black with red sugar skulls accent
  • Red sugar skulls with black accent

All styles and colors are designed to look amazing under your Putas Del Fuego 2016 Uniform jersey. 

Sizes from XS to 6XL.

Pick your options, enter your skater name and number, then check out. Want to order more than one style? Just customize the first one, add it to your cart, then return to this page to design the next one.

TXRD Putas Del Fuego is a Frogmouth-sponsored team: if you are a rostered skater, coach, or bench coach, use your discount code to get your team's sponsorship discount. Don't know your code? Check with your captains, or send us a message via our contact page. 


- Your checkout and order confirmation will show an image of a burning flame with black accent booty shorts, even if you choose something different. Don't worry, you will still get exactly what you ordered.

- Compression leggings are only available in "black with burning flame" or "black with bright red sugar skulls" colorways.

Unsure what size you want?  Check out our Size Guide: