TXRD Putas Del Fuego: Bandana

$ 18.00

Flame and black bandana to match the flame and black Texas Roller Derby Putas Del Fuego 2016 Season Uniform.

  • Shows flames and red Putas lipstick sugar skull
  • Gives you sugar skull jaw and lipstick when worn outlaw style
  • 22 inches square—standard adult bandana size
  • Nanoweave™ fabric repels velcro
    • Antimicrobial to fight off stank

    TXRD Putas Del Fuego is a Frogmouth-sponsored team: if you are a rostered skater, coach, or bench coach, use your discount code to get your team's sponsorship discount. Don't know your code? Check with your captains, or send us a message via our contact page.