Assassination City Roller Derby Ruby's Revenge: Armbands

$ 20.00

Assassination City Roller Derby Ruby's Revenge 2018 Season Uniform reversible armbands customized with your skater number, available in teal with gold accent reversing to gold with teal accent.

  • Designed to match your Ruby's Revenge uniform perfectly
  • Number printed to be WTFDA-compliant, including high contrast
  • Nanoweave™ fabric outer repels velcro to reduce pilling and sticking to other players
  • Foam inner keeps the armband comfortable and prevents folding during wear
  • Cut for stable, comfortable fit around your bicep
  • Antimicrobial to fight off stank
  • Wicking to help you stay cooler and drier
  • Cleaner and clearer than writing your number on your arm
  • Essential for skaters with tattoos on their biceps 
  • Price is for one pair of armbands