Black Cycle Shorts With Yellow 8-Bit Skate Accent

$ 50.00

Black Cycle shorts with yellow 8-bit skate print on the side stripe and waistband.

  • Styled and sized to make your powerful ass and thighs look amazing
  • Derby Cut™ to prevent ride up and reduce risk of camel toe 
  • High waisted to eliminate muffin top
  • High backed to cover your ass even during pulls, walls, and falls.
  • No inseams means no abrasion or rubbing during crossovers.
  • Nanoweave™ fabric repels velcro to reduce pilling and sticking to other players
  • Grill pocket to keep your mouthguard safe between jams
  • Antimicrobial to fight off stank

Cut to a few inches above the knee, depending on your height and leg length. Available in sizes from 3XS to 6XL.