Mildura Roller Derby League The Mad Hitters: Reversible Armbands


Mildura Roller Derby League The Mad Hitters reversible armbands customized with your skater number, in black and pink numbers reversing to white with purple numbers and Mildura Roller Derby League The Mad Hitters logo at the seam.

  • Designed to match your uniform perfectly
  • Number printed to be WTFDA-compliant, including high contrast
  • Single sided elastic for ease, confidence, and comfort
  • Cut for stable, comfortable fit around your bicep
  • Cleaner and clearer than writing your number on your arm
  • Just pick your color, select your bicep size, enter your skater number, then check out. (To get your bicep size, measure around the fullest part of your bicep, roughly centered between your elbow and shoulder, with your arm relaxed.)
  • Price is for one pair of armbands