#derbytwitter Reversible Scrimmage Jersey (White / Black)

$ 60.00

Especially for #derbytwitter: our perfect black and white scrimmage top with the Twitter logo, #derbytwitter and your Twitter username on the front. Like all our scrimmage tops, this is fully reversible, lightweight, wicking, anti-stank, easy wash, quick dry, single thickness, and customized with your name and number. Available as a sleeveless tank with your choice of high or low neckline and full back or Skaterback™, or as a T-shirt, in either curve cut or straight cut. One thickness of fabric, dyed white on one side, black on the other, with a subtle hashtag background to hide wear and Sharpie stains, and stitched so it looks great whichever way around you wear it. 

  • Styled and sized to make your upper body look amazing
  • Fully reversible yet light and cool: a single thickness of fabric, dyed on both sides
  • Reversible stitching: stitched to look good whichever way you wear it
  • Nanoweave™ fabric repels velcro to reduce pilling and sticking to other players
  • Cut and designed for roller derby:
    • Balances flattening with flattering
    • Neckline flatters bust without over exposure
    • High side seams give full coverage to armpit and bust
  • Antimicrobial to fight off stank
  • Wicking to help you stay cooler and drier when you skate
  • Subtle hashtag background looks great and helps hide dirt and Sharpie stains 

Available in sizes from 3XS to 6XL, and petite, regular length (good for most skaters) or extra long (for very tall skaters, or skaters with a long torso). Pick your options, enter your Twitter user name, your skater name and number, then check out.  


Twitter's logo licensing terms only allow us to produce this item with actual usernames. Please enter your own, real Twitter username for the front of the jersey. Orders using fake usernames or somebody else's username (for example a celebrity's) are likely to be rejected.

This product will only be available until June 30, 2019. We may reintroduce it at some point, but that is not guaranteed.

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