Body Mantra: Sleeveless Hoodie

$ 70.00

Sleeveless hoodie featuring the Frogmouth Body Mantra (see full text below) print lined with fleece to keep your core temperature warmer (like the fuzzy inside of a sweatshirt). Has a hand-warming kangaroo pocket, and is available in sizes from 3XS to 6XL. Order your regular same size for a close fit, or one size larger for a comfort fit.

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    The Frogmouth Body Mantra is:

    "My body is made of stars and powered by the sun. It contains thirty-seven trillion cells and each one is a ticking clock and an engine of creation. My body is a result of three and a half billion years of evolution. It contains one hundred trillion microbes, genes from two thousand generations of my ancestors, and scars from the story of my life. My body heals. It moves. It grows. It lives. My body is a miracle, unique in an infinite universe. I will not diminish my body by reducing it to a size, weight, or sex. I will value, protect, improve, and celebrate it, because in doing these things for my body, I do them for my self."