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NOVEMBER, 2021: Bad news, good news. Average prices in the US have risen by 15 percent since we sold our first product in 2015, but our prices have stayed exactly the same. On January 1, 2022, we will increase our prices for the first time ever, by an average of around 10 percent per item to keep up with our growing costs. You can see the new prices below. That's the bad news. Now the good news: between now and then, you can get 10% off our current prices on all uniform orders of $50 or more with the discount code GEARUP10, and 20% off all uniform orders of $100 or more with the discount code GEARUP20. Just visit your team's online store, or use the search function in the top left of this page and type in your team name + "uniform" to start shopping. And please share this news and these discount codes with your league mates.


Item 2015-2021 Price 2022 Price
Uniform Jersey $50 $55
Reversible Uniform Jersey $70 $75
Scrimmage Jersey $60 $65
Helmet Cover $20 $20
Armbands $15 $20
Sleeveless Hoodie $65 $75
with fleece $75 $75
Jacket Sleeveless $75 $80
with sleeves $80 $85
Bandana $15 $18
Shorts $50 $55
Capri $60 $65
Leggings $70 $70
Pet Jersey $20 $25
Face Mask $15 $15


Note: some items were introduced later than 2015

November 03, 2021 by Regina Lampert