Meet the Designer

Angel Ortega, Garzig Design


Angel Ortega (she/her) is the owner of Garzig Design and one of our favorite local artists. If you wear Frogmouth jerseys, Angel may have designed them! We recently collaborated with Angel on a collection of Garzig Design masks, which highlight her unique art style and imagery. Read our conversation with Angel below.


FM: When did you find roller derby?

AO: I've been skating for 11 years. In 2009 Texas Rollergirls taught me how to skate, and in 2013 I helped start Team Free Radicals. When we can all skate together again I'm looking forward to joining a scrimmage team ;)

Angel Ortega skating with Texas Rollergirls Rec League in 2009.


FM: What's your art background?

AO:I've always drawn since I was little. I had some amazing art teachers who encouraged my skills. After high school I wanted to get a 'real job' drawing so I got a drafting degree. In my 30s I went back to college to study graphic design. 


FM: When did you start Garzig Design and why?

AO: I started Garzig in 2009. I went back to school with the goal of designing greeting cards. I was fascinated with learning about design specs, color theory, and how to transform designs into tangible products. I really geek out to that! I LOVE design and will nerd out about this all day so I better stop here.

FM: What made you choose the name Garzig?

AO: Garzig is a mash-up of my dad's name, my chihuahua's name, & Danzig. It's so metal.


FM: If there were one thing you could say to people who didn't know you before this interview, what would you want them to understand?

AO: My art is pop culture redesigned with a Latinx flair. Heavy metal, food, skulls, & pop culture always find a unique way into my art.

 "My art is pop culture redesigned with a Latinx flair."

FM: What has been your proudest moment as a designer?

AO: Graduating. I went back to school & joined roller derby around that same time. Finding time to study, do projects, work full-time & go to practice was super challenging but I did it and I am so grateful for that wild experience.


FM: What has been your proudest moment designing for Frogmouth?

AO: I have two proud Frogmouth moments! First, designing these masks! I really hope the masses like my art and want to wear it. The second was designing uniforms for the World Cup. Knowing the teams from around the world would be wearing my designs was mind-blowing.

FM: What is the significance of your mask designs?


For Las Mujeres Fuertes, I love the color combo red & blue together. It is a strong color combo. Strong just like Las Mujeres Fuertes.

Calavera + Serape combines my 2 favorites: serape & calaveras. When I was young I practiced drawing skulls from heavy metal album covers. It really makes me happy when I draw skulls.

I Miss Mosh Pits: I love going to concerts and had a lot of shows booked for 2020. Then enter stage left Covid-19. Mas triste =(.  I really do miss mosh pits.

Pan Dulce: This is a tribute to The Elite, my chihuahuas Frida Howlo, Jojo & Old Man Gar and to their favorite, pan dulce. Conchas, churros, o my! They loved them all.

Chisme Time: If this mask is on you better watch out! Chisme Time is going on! 


FM: Do you have any other projects you'd like to tell readers about?

AO: Yes, my art is currently at Mexic-Arte Museum's 37th Annual Day of the Dead exhibition. 'Fideo Paleta Man' is dedicated to My Tío Lolo who passed from Covid-19, Bernabe Urias, an Austin paleta vendor who was robbed and passed from his injuries & The chihuahuas Frida Howlo, Jojo, & Old Man Garcia; they provided much inspiration (they are the alebrijes on my Pan Dulce mask).



Do you love Angel's designs as much as we do? You can get one of her original mask designs here:

Check out her retail store online here: to see her custom stickers, tees, Agua Net water bottles and more. Garzig retail is also on Instagram, and she has a virtual pop-up to highlight small businesses she loves at  and on Instagram.

October 27, 2020 by Regina Lampert